Mattamy expands the Joy of Living in Celebration, FL

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Celebration, Florida is known for being one of the premier communities in the area, as well as a high level of attention to detail (which Mattamy Homes brings to the table with their attention focused on pre-WWII architecture just like the original villages of Celebration. Even as this Florida town continues to grow, the magic remains as Disney continues to oversee the original intention of EPCOT being brought to life. For those who wish to indulge in the opportunity to live just right up the road from Walt Disney World (a mere 7 miles to be exact), it’s finally possible to get your hands on one of the 100 homes being built by none other than Mattamy Homes, a premier home builder in North America.

For those who love Disney, it’s a great place to live while being able to immerse yourself in the Disney lifestyle daily. Walt Disney World employees also find themselves living in Celebration, Florida as well. While this may sound great, it’s best to dive in a little deeper when it comes to what it’s like to live there as well as what Mattamy brings to the table.

What is it really like to live in Celebration, Florida?

There are many great benefits of living here, and the top 3 have been featured below. From embracing the Disney lifestyle to living in one of the cleanest communities around, the sky is truly the limit.

An eye for design was embraced in every aspect.

From the homes to the manhole covers, the design of Celebration is one that is truly “one of a kind.” It’s no secret that Disney is known for creating some of the most timeless designs to ever exist, and even though they might not own this community anymore, the style is still there.

Downtown contains some of the most unique architecture in the world.

When it came to the construction of the buildings in Downtown Celebration, some of the most renowned architects in the world came together to bring it to life. The buildings are another great example of a picture-perfect town that used to only be thought to exist in movies.

The schools are recognized.

When it comes to taking care of our future generations in the best manner possible, no sacrifices have been made. In fact, the educational system continues to grow and improve as more homes are being made available. In fact, has reported that their students have test scores that are way above average which means that students are testing at or above their grade level.

What Mattamy Homes Brings to the Picturesque Town of Celebration

“Mattamy Homes and Celebration embrace the same ideals. A focus on those who live there without posing a risk of sacrificing the quality of life that’s provided.” –Victor Nawrocki, Realtor

Island Village is one of the biggest undertakings in Celebration to date, and Mattamy Homes has made the purchase of the final residential village. Since 1978, Mattamy Homes has stood out in the United States and Canada as a leading home builder who has gone on to build some of the most prestigious homes in North America.

The focus on proving a higher quality of life is clear, as Mattamy continues to build the ultimate community. Island Village will not only contain beautiful homes, but it will also feature parks, walking/jogging trails, residential commercial space, and neighborhood commercial space.

Aside from the great amenities being provided to Island Village residents, easy access to World Drive has also been embraced. This not only provides the opportunity to get to Walt Disney World parks quickly without using a highway, but you can also hop on I4 rather easily as well.

If you find yourself inspired to buy a home in Celebration, look no further.

Choose a trusted realtor who has become personally vested in this beautiful, yet priceless community as you’ll want to ensure that you find the home that’s truly right for you. Victor Nawrocki has proven that he has dedicated his career to matching people with the home of their dreams. In Celebration, he ensures that the experience is one that will last for a lifetime.

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