The Golden Arches Coming to Celebration

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McDonalds, of Celebration, will open the first week of October in Celebration, FL on Celebration Blvd. at the corner of World Drive, according to the site manager. The restaurant will feature dual drive-thrus, kiosk digital ordering and McCafé treats. It’s been a long-awaited addition to bring an eatery to the corner. Just maybe not this.

Residents have expressed mixed reactions to the fast food giant coming to quaint Celebration. Many stating that it ruins the feel of the little town by over – commercializing the area. The additional traffic certainly going to have an impact on the area. Speculation was rampant for years as others anticipated, Wendy’s, or Dairy Queen while others declared “no more chains in Celebration!”

McDonald’s Corporation itself will tell you that they don’t make money from selling hamburgers, their tenants do. They make the money from the lease fees they charge the lease holders. A premium location like Celebration should be a high traffic area and do well for the leaser especially with it being right off the exit of the I-4.

Others see it as encouraging, the increased commerce may inspire development of the other side of world drive near the Emerson condos. While providing an option for a quick meal without having to venture out of what is – tongue-in-check—called, “The Bubble.” Realtor Victor Nawrocki said, “Without encountering traffic, Celebration residents can get a swift meal from an establishment they have grown up with.”

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