Sci- Fi Fourth of July


Celebration Florida 4th of July

All of us have a little geek in us somewhere. Whether it is an old fondness for Star Trek, the Alien movies or Battlestar Galactica we all have something we remember and enjoy in that genre. For those few who don’t, I am sorry. For those many who do there are fantastic events like this one in the great town of Celebration. A Sci-Fi Fourth of July. It is a great way to celebrate the Fourth by celebrating the creativity of those who come up with such wonderful stories and ideas. It is not just for the geeks out there either, there is something for everyone which makes this event unique.
Of course there is a costume contest so you can dress up as a favorite character and possible win some great prizes. Along with this contest there is a fireworks display in the evening set to a sci-fi themed soundtrack that will leave you amazed.
There will be an unparallelled tribute to our Veterans who keep this country safe so we can celebrate the Fourth in a Sci-Fi theme if we want to. The patriotic music for the day will be played by the Dixie Land Jazz Band. They are a great group with members from Rosie O’Grady’s Good Time Band. It is a not to be missed performance.
There is plenty to do for the kids at this wonderful Fourth of July celebration. There will be a selection of inflatable games provided by Town Center’s Kid Zone like a jousting area and a bounce house. There will also be other activities such as face painting. It is an overall inclusive event for the whole family. Realtor Victor Nawrocki said about it, “One of my first trips to Celebration was on the fourth of July. The events, the area, the people, made me fall in love with this classic and exciting town.”
As you can see there is something for all, with a classic geek theme to add to the sights and celebration of the Fourth of July, in Celebration. It is well worth a visit to this annual event.

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